At BYOND Journeys, we are totally mad about creating a great Holiday for you. We are a specialist for itinerary based holiday planning in India, Nepal and Bhutan across Luxury, Wanderer and Experiential categories with a list of 75 Plus Holiday ideas.

Rajnikant Sinojiya

(India Holiday Analyst)

Rajnikant is a India Holiday Enthusiast and is eager to create great leisure experiences for the Holiday seekers in India. He loves understanding the Destinations by visiting them and sharing the same with the customers. He likes to create a perfect Holiday experience by combining the Planning, Routing, Hotel Location, Cuisine, Destination attractions and activities.

Pranoti Narawade

(Product Designer)

Pranoti is an avid traveller and has an experience in travelling to many destinations in India. She likes to create great holiday products which can give customers truly amazing experience. She is responsible for designing the holiday ideas at BYOND.

Shubham Chordiya

(Holiday Anchor)

Shubham leads the operations of BYOND and is responsible for the execution of the tour as promised to you. He makes sure that you have an smooth co-ordination experience of all the stake holders be it vehicle, driver, resorts and guides. He also is involved in talking to the guest on tour.